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I was born in May 1977 in Riga, Latvia. That's the time of year when Mother Nature is in bloom, ready for a fresh start and a new adventure. Who knows, maybe that is why I take pleasure in beauty. Or maybe it is because as a child I've spent a lot of time at the coast of the Baltic Sea, filling my pockets with ocean-aged stones and pieces of glass. You know, the kind that you see lying around all dimly polished by the eternal tide. And when you touch them with your wet fingers, they come to life, their translucence reflecting the world in new colours! ...I have always had an intangible bond with the Sea. Even here in Munich, where I've come to live with my family, this bond never weakened and I had missed it a lot... Until one day I just knew what I wanted to do in my life, what would keep all my passions alive about this world, nature, people, what would allow me to share in the miracle of every/each new day. This is how I started to create jewellery. And with every step which brought me closer to my dream I found peace and harmony and, somewhere along the journey, myself. I was astounded at just how vast the world of jewellery was! It seemed to have no boundaries! And I was completely captivated by glass - so different, alive and emotional! It was with awe and admiration that I watched the glass masters of Venice on the Murano island conjure up their wonders ... it seemed something so out of reach, so out of this world and only possible on this island to which, a long time ago, all glass artists had been banished for fear of them divulging their secrets! And here I was, looking those secrets in the eye and wondering if maybe it was possible for someone not belonging to this mysterious kingdom of canals to come close to achieving the same magic. But if you want your dream to come true, you must dream it first. And so I started, in addition to creating jewellery, to make my own lampwork glass beads! Yes, I am still learning and I have a long way to go before they become as beautiful and ethereal as yours, my Masters of inspiration, but I promise I will get there! And every step that I take is a discovery of something new that I would like to share with you, my dear Visitor!

Ināra Kalēja
Munich, Fall of 2007


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