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Shipping Terms and Conditions


Your sale agreement is concluded with, Turnerstrasse 5, 81827 Munich, Germany (hereinforth
Proprietor: Inara Kaleja
Phone: +49 (0) 89 51818749


Shipping Costs ships FREE OF CHARGE WORLDWIDE!

We ship with DHL/German Post.


Payment Methods

As a customer at you can pay either by wire transfer or by PayPal.

Payment by Wire Transfer

If you choose wire transfer, you will receive all information necessary for the wire transfer, such as banking details, payable amount etc., on the screen with the confirmation of your order. Additionally, you will receive an order acknowledgement e-mail that also contains all the necessary information.
Customers living outside Germany please note that you must ensure that any banking charges associated with the wire transfer are not deducted from the payment amount. Please understand that no dispatch of goods can occur until we have confirmed the receipt of the full outstanding amount.

Payment by PayPal

At you can comfortably pay by PayPal. If you choose PayPal, upon completion of your order you will be forwarded to the PayPal website where you will be able to perform the payment. After a successful payment you will be automatically brought back to
Your banking details and credit card information are not disclosed to!
We do not charge a commission for paying by PayPal! However, depending on your location, your bank may charge you a commission for an international credit card payment. If you live in a country outside the Euro zone, please note that the PayPal exchange rate normally lies 2-3% below the exchange rate of your bank.


Please note that owing to the unique nature of the merchandise offered by the reservation of ordered items is generally only possible for a limited time.
The reservation period is 14 days for wire transfers and 24 hours PayPal payments.
If we cannot confirm receipt of the funds on our banking or PayPal accounts within the specified period, please understand that we will have to cancel your order.
If you encounter difficulties with your payment, please contact us so that the reservation period can be individually extended!


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